Training, Development and Integration

What does Arkham really do?

Arkham Executive uses the combined skills, experience and talents of its team to enhance Entrepreneurial Heroes.

What's SuPeR GROUP?

SuPeR GROUP is an Arkham Executive exclusive.  Sales professionals and Solopreneurs come together in a more targeted GROUP experience that includes activity tracking and training on the craft of sales.  For those owners that have one or two sales people, we become surrogate sales managers.  For Solopreneurs, we SuPeR GROUP becomes their team to come to when motivation to keep going is needed.  And for Sales Professionals, SuPeR GROUP becomes the place they come to refine their skills and grow business.

Why should I consider GROUP as an option?

If you are an owner, you know it can be lonely at the top.  Everyone around you expects you to have it all together and have all the right answers.  If this is you...GROUP is where you no longer feel alone in your decision-making or crazy owner experiences. You invest two hours a month working ON your business.  Bring your challenges, new ideas, strategies, and plans to the GROUP and experience one of the most inexplainable powerful tools for your business and life.

Where does Arkham Executive fall?  

Coaching, consulting or training?  We're a unique blend of all three - and then some.  Arkham Executive understands the power of intentionality.  There are moments during a training session that coaching is needed to make the training experience more relevant to you now - to be intentional to be better. Some clients just want to get our opinion as a consultant, but it always involves moments of training to "tweak" their process - to be intentional in being successful.  We are intentional about enhancing your business where you are to get you where you want to go with strength, confidence and joy in your heart.

What's the difference between business coaching, consulting, and training?

A consultant you would hire for their answers. A trained coach will not give you answers, but help you find your own.  Training is just that.  Training by an expert in areas you want to refine.  What's an Entrepreneurial Hero?  We know what it's like to risk everything to make a business successful. So do you.  Your family counts on you.  Your employees count on you.  Your community counts on you.  Your passion to not just do business, but do it for the greater good, inspires others to think different and do great business too.

Why Arkham Executive?

Arkham Executive was started to help small business owners and professionals, make better decisions with lower risk.  To have more accountability, and a definite plan for success.  We are the transition point where entrepreneurs discover and embrace their inner hero.  You risk-takers, the Entrepreneurial Heroes,  are the same people who risk everything everyday to make your dreams a reality, and we are the super team that can get you to your next level of success."I believe that people can transform their world by changing their perception - that includes in business.  Gaining a new perspective can give you clarity and that leads to real strategy making inspiration reality.  You can't do that alone in a vacuum.

Who is John "Z" Zeydel?

John “Z” Zeyel has 20+ years in the banking industry and has been a top-producing sales professional.  John's unquenchable thirst for knowledge and his detective style of question-asking makes for incredible conversations.  He is known in the Louisville business community as a networking genius creating No Rules Networking over fifteen years ago.  No Rules Networking and John Zeydel were the inspiration behind Christy Smallwood’s book, The No Rules Way.

As the founder of Arkham Executive, he brings a passion for business strategy to local award winning small businesses.  John’s proven sales and networking methods have helped thousands of sales and business professionals reach their goals.  Refining their approach to increase business opportunities  while saving money has  literately  put millions of dollars into the bottom line of many local businesses.

He can be reached at 502-777-7892,

“I believe that small business is what really grows our communities.  I also believe that there are a lot of companies out there that prey on small businesses.  We wanted to put good content out there to help the Entrepreneurial Heroes get to the next level without hurting financially.”

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