Training, Development and Integration

Group Members say...

  • Liz Dahl, Owner at Liz Dahl Enterprises - "...Do yourself a favor and check into Arkham Executive - it changed my perspective in the most positive ways."
  • Denise Taylor, Founder/Owner/Motivational Speaker/Author, We GET To - "...With great focus and ability to keep our highly energized group on task, Christy's certainly a super hero to the We GET To Organization."
  • Lisa Lee, Owner, The Genesis Shop - "Arkham carefully pairs business owners into small groups to direct them towards success thru accountability of the group and round table discussions and problem solving."

Video intro to GROUP

John "Z" Zeydel and Deryl Sweeney have a conversation about what GROUP offers small business owners at Ramsi's Cafe On the Word - Louisville, KY


  • Focus on the consistent development of leadership skills.
  • Roundtable discussions of real-world situations to increase understanding of human behavior.
  • Team environment builds confidence for bold conversations.
  • Be able to inspire and motivate others to their next level.
  • Personal development helps overall company growth.


  • Work on the craft of salesmanship.
  • Consistently tweaking processes and skills to be more impactful and efficient.
  • Non-competing industries form a team environment.
  • Role-playing to fine tune decision-making conversations.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty through process of Recruiting to Team-Up to being In-League.


  • You’re no longer alone in your decision-making.

  • Fresh perspectives from owners of non-competing businesses who have “been there” reduce the risk in change.

  • Build your confidence to make change happen

  • Get ahead of the competition with super focus and speed