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The business community says...

  • Tony Santamassino, NCDA, KCA, Ambassador (Volunteer), Greater Louisville Inc."If you have a need for direction and guidance in your small business, you will be well served to put your trust in Arkham Executive.”
  • Michelle Sollberger, Owner, New Providence Entertainment – “You can't go wrong!”
  • Deryl L. Sweeney II - “Arkham Executive is filling a need that had gone unfulfilled in the Louisville small business community for as long as I can remember.”
  • David W. McCoy, Associate Broker, Commonwealth Commercial Real Estate – “Part Party Planner, Part Match Maker, Part Imagineer, John Zeydel conjures up ways that his various connections can work together and help each other often solving problems they may not have even realized they had.” ​

Hal Wagner, GROUP member

(Owner of Charcoal and More) talks about his experience in Arkham Executive's Owner Group.

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  • Customized for organizations and individuals.
  • Wide range of relevant topics to build from.
  • Not just knowledge-based, but intentionality in development.
  • Unique delivery of time-tested business development method.
  • Affordable for your calendar and budget.
  • Efficient tool for idea creation and risk management.​​